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We are a family church focused on the truth of Gods word.

We are open and friendly to everyone who wants to come through our doors.

It is our desire to be a reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ in the communities surrounding us.

We strive to reach to every one and anyone who wants to know more about, us as a church, and Jesus whom we worship and serve.

We hope to bring his word to a place that is relevant for modern life in a way that is simple, ,meaningful and helpful for us to follow and fulfil in our lives today.

We believe that the word of God is a living guide, infallible, absolutely true in every way, and is filled with the gracious love of The Lord God Almighty, Creator and Father of all.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, our Redeemer who defeated Satan as he died upon the cross as our Ransom and Sacrifice, and, arose on the 3rd day for us.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the gift of Gods grace, given to us as we live this life, revealing the truth of his glory and word to all and anyone who will receive and believe.

We believe it is important, to enjoy this life, in accordance with the Living word of the Holy God. This is the core of our belief and faith.


We accept and acknowledge the right of anyone to disagree with us, however, we shall not move from our belief. Nor shall we bend, change or dilute the word of God, or our faith, to suit popular culture or trends.

Our door and heart lays open to all who would like to come and seek from, or join us.

Our respect, love and prayers go out to everyone.

Peter McCool
Peter joined us, 1st of August 2017. 
Moving from Scotland, Peter has brought a new energy and enthusiasm to our church.
(Not to mention his Glaswegian humour)
Peter and his wife, Angie, have settled in very well to both the church and the community.
We have a praise band, which the Pastor plays the drums in, and look forward to advancing this and many other adventures which await before us.
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