Up coming events

Throughout the year we have various and different events taking place in our church.

Some of these events will be different, perhaps new, others will be traditional and fitting to the time of year.

Our main program for 2020 in planning


We will have many other events and activities

including our weekly kids groups, fellowships and Bible studies


Valentines event

Easter events

Summer fair (Theme - Narnia)

Harvest festival


Christmas event 

Annual Advent program


This year we begin an excting new

monthly event

'Friday night with Jesus'

This will be held on the

last Friday of each month 7pm

This will be held in a different format from our Sunday worship service

We will have all modern music delivered live or by media


Fun and meaningful presentation

Meal served afterwards

(Themed evenings for food)

(Chinese - greek - mexican etc)



Friday night with Jesus.jpg